They entertain, teach, develop…
Meet Flockies!

Culture and Art

Are you interested in art? Play with the Elephant, the Ara and the Moose. Play the guitar with a Jaguar or chess with a Tiger, and colour in together with a Butterfly.

Sports and Entertainment

Do you like active play? Dance with a Rhino, train with a Chimpanzee or learn magic tricks with a Bat. Let’s go!

Nature and Adventure

Curious about the world? Curious about the world? Travel with the Warthog, fly with the Eagle in search of adventure or explore the cosmos with the Polar Bear.

Beauty and Relaxation

Are you into fashion? Learn about the creations of a Giraffe, become a photographer like a Chameleon or relax with a Lady Flamingo while sipping on a fruit smoothie.

Unique figurines

Every Flockie is different and thus unique and has different hobbies and interests.

They’re full of surprises

The amazing stories and adventures of our heroes will surprise every young person!

They entertain and develop

Awaken the child’s curiosity about the world and promote respect for animals and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

1How long will the Flockies promotion last?

Flockies are on sale from 9 January until stocks last.

2What Flockies are in the Collectors' House?

The Flockies Collector's House contains two limited edition figurines - an Eagle and a Wolf.

3Can I buy limited edition Flockies separately?

No, the Eagle and the Wolf are only available in the Flockies collector's house.

4How many Flockies fit in a collector's house?

In the Collector's House, you will find themed rooms for all 24 Flockies figurines.

5How many Flockies are in the entire collection?

The entire Flockies collection comprises 24 figurines.

6What kind of animals are Flockies?

The flockies collection includes:

  • Ashley The Ara
  • Fiona The Flamingo
  • Walter The Warthog
  • Justing The Jaguar
  • Clark The Chameleon
  • Kali The Koala
  • Steven The Sloth
  • Logan The Lion
  • Marcus The Moose
  • Billie The Butterfly
  • Paula The Polar Bear
  • Benjamin The Andean Bear
  • Bobby The Bat
  • Ronald The Rhino
  • Ethan The Eagle
  • Patricia The Panda
  • Max The Baboon
  • Charles The Chimpanzee
  • Emma The Elephant
  • Tim The Toucan
  • Thomas The Tiger
  • William The Wolf
  • Zori The Zebra
  • Gina The Giraffe
7Who is the manufacturer of Flockies?

The manufacturer of Flockies figures is TM Toys.

8Are Flockies safe for children?

Flockies figures have undergone demanding tests conducted by the renowned Intertek Testing Services laboratory from London. They have been thoroughly checked and meet all safety requirements resulting from European Union regulations. They are safe in terms of chemical and plastic standards.







Flockies Collector’s House

The Flockies adventure can be better when you own a Collector’s House!

Your figurines will gain a new storage and play space. Every house comes with a surprise – 2 new figures.

Grab it now!

Flockies figurines
Extra figurines in the House
Wild Flockies
Water Flockies

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